Low Maintenance Yards In Henderson, NV

If you are moving to Henderson, NV, you might be surprised when you look around at your neighbor’s yards. There is very little grass and many people have gravel or rocks in their yard with just a few plants. Henderson has a desert climate and keeping a green yard is nearly impossible and it is also costly.

While nothing looks more inviting than a yard full of green grass, the costs to maintain it in Henderson is going to be huge. Water is expensive there and your water bill is going to be through the roof if you are trying to keep a large lawn watered. It isn’t environmentally friendly having a lawn either because it wastes so much precious water.

A better alternative is to xeriscape your yard. It looks better than an expanse of gravel and you can still bring color and texture into your yard. Xeriscaping is a form of gardening that uses little water. It was designed for dry climates and each plant or flower is going to be resistant to high heat and need a minimal amount of water.

You work with native plants when you xeriscape so you know that they are going to thrive in Henderson. Your yard might have native grasses, shrubs and flowers. You can create a colorful and beautiful garden this way. You can add plants a little at a time or you can go all in and do your entire yard.

If you are on a budget, you can use gravel as a filler and slowly add in plants as you can afford it. You will want to sit down and create a plan for your garden. You also need to study the native plants and see which ones you like and which ones you want to put in your garden. Some xeriscape plants don’t require that you do any watering at all after you water them enough in the beginning to ensure they take root.

When you have native plants in your garden, you are working with nature instead of against it. Native plants look better and they allow you to have a garden without having to spend all your money on water. When you live in the desert, your yard needs to reflect where you are living. It is better for the environment and better for your wallet when you stick with native plants.