One Thing You Need To Do When You Get To Henderson Nevada

There are many possibilities when it comes to activities that can be accomplished when you are on vacation in Henderson. So close to Las Vegas, many people spend most of their time down the strip, going into casinos. Others might choose to go on ATV rights, or they might head down to Hoover Dam. Still others might spend most of their time in the local casinos, trying to win money while they are there. Out of all of these things that you can do, there’s one thing that you need to try and that is going up in the air. To do that, you’re going to have to take advantage of the many companies that provide these services and here are a few you should try.

Mustang Helicopter Tours

What is unique about this particular package is that it gives you several different options. What you will want to do is choose the top package. Part of the reason has to do with what you can do with the package itself. They started about $325, and go up to $460, and for just over $100 more, you get the grand package. The reason that this one is the one you should choose is that you get so many things. You get the helicopter tour, you get to go below the rim, and you get to walk on that incredible Skywalk. What is astounding is that a normal drive from Vegas to the Skywalk would be about four hours but you can get there in just about 45 minutes.

Other Possibilities

There are a couple other possibilities for you to consider which will include Maverick Airlines which does have a lot to offer. You do get to see quite a bit from the plane that you are in, and you do have the option of taking advantage of a helicopter as well. You get to see many things just like you would on the other tour are, so it comes down to how much money you have to spend, and if you want to be on a plane or not. Either way, it’s going to be fun seeing everything from the air, and you will want to do it multiple times if you can feasibly do so.

In the end, it’s all about how much time you have, how much money, and how high you want to fly. If you want to do helicopters or planes, these two tours will help you see the world from a completely different perspective as a result of the flights that they have available coming out of Henderson.